Waste balers ARTechnic PBPe200


prasa do odpadów


 Technical specification
 Number of chambers:  single Number of strappings:  3
 Charging hole:
 1000 x 700 mm Bale launch:  automatic
 Max. pressure:  200kN (20 tons) Supply:
 400/50 [V/Hz]
 Unit pressure:  3,57 kg/cm2 Socket:
 Bale dimensions:  800 x 700 x 800-1000 mm Fuse protection:
 Bale weight:  ca. 150 - 250 kg Engine power:
 5,5 kW
 Productivity:  ca. 3 bale/h. Work cycle:  ca. 38 sekunds
 Loading:  top  Weight:  4500 kg
Bale tying:

Steering x (EXTRA)
  • Controller PLC
  • Automatic digital steering of the work cycle
  • Finished-bale signal
  • LCD display
  • Stepless maximum pressure regulation with 1 ton
  • Stepless bale height regulation with 2 cm
  • Daily/weekly/monthly statistics – the readout of the
    number of finished bales with their weight
  • Different programs for different materials
  • Possibility of regulating the length of time for which
    the pressing plate stays in the lower position
  • the ability to connect the machine to the statArtechnic
 Control Panel

 steering x baler

  1. Main switch with the possibility to lock in position “0” (prevents from an use of the machine by unauthorized persons)
  2. The white light “PACKET” indicates that the press has achieved the maximum filling
  3. LCD and control panel
  4. The green light “POWER” indicates a connection of the bale to power and that the main switch is turned ON
  5. Emergency “STOP” switch
  6. Button “START” - starts the pressing process
  7. Buttons “THROW-OFF”. Two-handed operation –
    controler for the bale ejector

wymiary belownicy, prasy do odpadów LEGEND
A length 5050
B height 2120
C width 1350
D filling inlet 1000 x 700

  Advantages of the machine:
  • The moving of the pressing plate is kept extremely rigid and straight. The hydraulic cylinder does not take the bending forces from the pressing plate, which could lead to its damage. These forces are taken over by special plastic guides which are tailored to the corners of the chamber. The guides are made from specially chosen plastic, which is characterized by very high resistance to abrasion.Therefore, these elements are extremely durable. This avoids the need to control the tilt of the pressing plate. Because of all this you can easily exploit our machines, even for very demanding materials, without worrying of an improperly use of the machine.
  • The steel construction of our machines is designed to withstand loads far in excess of the rated load for the different models (this is why our machines have a generally bigger own mass compared to the competition)
  • A system to prevent the decompressing of material after subsequent cycles of work.
  • Possibilty to bind the packages (bales) with all commonly used materials like a polyester tape, twine or steel wire
  • The possibility of producing specified machines concerning the customer's request e.g. changes in the stroke of the pressing plate, changes in the loading hole, changes in the size of the bale, etc.
  • Possibility to choose the version of the controller, and to choose additional options, depending on individual needs
  • Unmanned and durable hydraulic system
  • No hidden costs of operating the machine


 Tapes for bale tying


taśma poliestrowa do belownicy

Tape length in roll
19 725 250
6 (string) 590 220


Roll dimensions
3,0 <400 210/330/160 mm 42

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