About us

ARTechnic Company specializes in manufacture of hydraulic presses (balers) for compaction of waste and recyclable materials.
A large variety of models allows to select the equipment best suited to your needs while optimizing costs.

Exceptional reliability, highest quality standards and trouble-free constructions are our primary assumptions in constructing and implementing projects.


In our constantly enlarging offer you can find:

  • vertical balers with frontal loading
  • top loading horizontal balers (enabling the application of the conveyor belt)
  • channel balers
  • balers for waste compaction
  • used balers after service and with a warranty 
  • exploitation materials

Our products are mainly addressed to:

  • companies associated with the collection, transport and recovery of recyclable materials
  • printing industry
  • food industry
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • waste sorting plants
  • small businesses
  • and wherever the need of waste compaction arises