Baler, hydraulic presse PAAL Konti 200 C

Technical specification

Max. pressure: 50 tons Year of production: 1995
Unit pressure: 6.06 kg/cm² Number of strappings:  4
Cross-section of the channel: 750 x 1100 mm Filling inlet: 1020 x 1400 mm
Bale weight: 425-550 kg Weight: ca. 17 tons
Supply: 400 V/ 45  kW Bale tying: automatic, wire


  • Open charging hole allows the filling with the conveyor belt .
  • Knives on the press plate and frame of the baler to cut off the excess material
  • Automatic regulation of the light of the channel
  • Automatic bale tying with the wire
  • Choosing the length of the finished bale from the operator panel
  • Pressing plate which is stable carried on the big rolls
  • Big flops of the press chamber for easier maintenance




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