Baler, hydraulic presse PAAL Konti 700 E / K - after renovation PREMIUM

Technical specification

Max. pressure: 170 tons Year of production: 2007
Unit pressure: 140,5 tons/m² Number of strappings:  5 - fold vertical, 4 horizontal
Cross-section of the channel: 1100 x 1100 mm Filling inlet: 1020 x 2000 mm
Bale weight:  525-700 kg Weight:  ca. 4 tons
Supply: 400 V/ 165kW  (3 x 45 kW) Bale tying: automatic, wire

Theoretical efficiency with material  in  density 35 kg/m3:     ab. 16 tons/hour
Theoretical efficiency with material  in  density  60 kg/m3:     ab. 26,5 tons/hour
Theoretical efficiency with material  in  density 100 kg/m3:    ab. 39 tons/hour

Description of the functions.

Open charging hole allows the filling with the conveyor belt 
Knives on the pressing plate and on the frame of the baler to cut off  the excess material
Automatic blades cleaning system of stuck material
Automatic regulation of the pressing channel
Automatic bale cross tying with the wire (5 vertical, 4 horizontal)
Changing the length of the finished bale from the operators panel
The compact hydraulic power pack with a low noise level
Pressing plate which is stable carried on the big rolls
Big flaps on the pressing chamber for easier maintenance
Oil cooler
2  sets of photocells in feeding chopper
Color panel Siemens MP277 and a large digital display
Automatic cover of vertical channels of needles in press ram
Central point for lubrication of the rolls on the press ram
Wirbulator – on request

PREMIUM renovation includes:
regeneration of pressing chamber, re-establishing of nominal size, new HARDOX floor
dismantling of pressing plate- replacement/repair of leading parts
dismantling of moving parts, repair/replacement
replacement/ regeneration of all cutting blades
additional abrasive covers in the channel
maintenance/ lubrication of moving parts
control, adjustment and checking of tightness of hydraulic system
replacement of all hydraulic cylinders seals
control and eventual repair of hydraulic pump
working pressure control
checking of automatic control system, replacement of damaged parts
paint renovation


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